Tired of Fake People

Yes that’s exactly what it says, I’m tired of fake people.

I had this realization months ago and this was something I never understood until now. Not everyone that is a Christian is going to be your friend or going to want to connect with you.

That was something I should have always known I guess..

Have you ever made plans to meet up with a friend and then life happens or something out of your control happens and they cancel on you, that happens, its life.

Now has someone made up something to get out of hanging out with you, or has someone just straight up ghosted you for months on end with no explanation at all?

The latter has happened to me, and I’m not okay with that and I’m also not okay feeling like I have to initiate when people want to meet up or hang. If you want to hang out with someone, wouldn’t you want to coordinate with that person?

I’m just in a season of life where I believe you don’t know someone until you really know them. The longer you’re around someone, people’s true colors come out and you see who they really are.

I’m tired of fake friends, I’m tired of people just straight up ghosting me with no explanation, I’m just tired, if you don’t want to hang out, you tell them you don’t want to hang out, you don’t ghost them, that’s disrespectful.

If people do that in your life, just get rid of them, your life will be better off without them.